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Adjacent Social Objects is the latest idea from Rajesh Setty. ASOs (my initialism, not his) are objects that are not directly related to your product or service but are close. He explains,

  Our own example is a site called All About Steak (which is a site that’s all about steak – recipes, grilling tips etc.) which was built in partnership with Kansas City Steaks. All About Steak is an adjacent social object for Kansas City Steaks. You can’t make people talk about steaks but may be people will talk about a discovery engine for steaks?

The concept of a “social object” is explained by Seth Godin in this interview sourced by Rajesh. Although the first source appears to be Hugh MacLeod. (Later: Was just told it’s Jyri Engestrom.)


  1. Toby Moores’s avatar

    Interesting idea!

    We were discussing the nature of creativity a couple of weeks ago at CreativeCoffee Club and one of our members, Andy Roberts suggested we define the social objects that bring us together as a group. These are the things that I most often talk about. Each one is connected to the other and to the group itself. To me, this is another group example of adjacent social objects:

    Shift Happens – Karl Fisch’s examination of globalization and America’s future in the 21st century

    Social-media enabled creativity – the impact of group-forming networks or hobby tribes on the success of ideas

    Thinking skills tools and techniques – creativity as a taught discipline for all, not just a few gifted amateurs

    The defendable difference – the local or national culture which mitigates the outsourcing of creative industries and technologies

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