Finding Newfoundland

Often as I fly over eastern Canada, I’ve somehow always missed Newfoundland. It has always been nighttime, or clouded under, or too far from the plane’s route. Well, not this last time. When I flew from London to Boston via Washington (LHR-IAD-BOS) on the first day of March, I could see on the plane’s map that we were headed straight over the southeastern corner Newfoundland — the Avalon Peninsula, where St. John’s lies next to the easternmost point on mainland North America. Then, as we approached, the plane veered slightly left, toward the south, and we missed St. John’s by fifty miles or more. But it was a clear day, so I got a few shots of St. John’s anyway, and then much better shots as we flew just south of the southern capes.

I got some nice shots of Trepassy Bay, Biscay Bay and St. Mary’s bay, all on the “Irish Loop” of Highway 10. The towns along and near the loop — Portugal Cove South, Trepassy, St. Shotts — are fishing villages more akin to settlements. So far I’ve found surprisingly little about them on the Web, most of which I’ve put into links in captions under some of the pictures. Maybe some of ya’ll can fill me in.


  1. Chip’s avatar


    1) recall a night flight back in ’99 to London
    Moonlit, some waves … didn’t have camera at the time

    2) will ping brother, lives in Halifax for input

    3) Canadians tell “Nufie” jokes (hillbilly type)

  2. John Quimby’s avatar

    Hi Doc,

    I spend every summer in Eastern Canada on Prince Edward Island and I can see the big planes leaving the continent and crossing to Europe.

    Next time you fly over, be sure to wave on yer way to Newfie!

    BTW, I have some pictures from the ground you flyover posted on my new Farm blog:

  3. cobolhacker’s avatar

    You should see the place on the ground one day. It is really quite pretty.

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I would like to see it. Cornwall too, which was earlier on this same ride.

    So many places, so little time.

  5. Bob LeDrew’s avatar

    Newfoundland is a truly magical place. They’ve been running these ads over the last few years. And they’re BANG on.

    You should go. Friends of mine have a house in a town called Freshwater. Every morning, you walk downstairs, look out the front window, and watch the whales playing in the harbour. Ahh. Peace.

  6. Glenn Myrick’s avatar

    Hey Doc,

    I live in St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. I work at Memorial University ( This is truly an amazing place to live and visit. St. John’s itself is the oldest city in North America, has the oldest street (Water street) and one street, called George Street, has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America, and is known to have bars that are open later than most others throughout most of Canada.

    Some other great links to learn more about this place… (plan a trip) (government web page) (local news) (St. John’s web site)

    We would welcome you!!!!


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