Hope for old fat guys everywhere

While the kid had his violin lesson this evening at his school, I went out and shot hoops for as long as it took. Hits vs. Misses, all shots from beyond the foul line in any direction. When the kid came out, I was up 42 to 37. After we started playing HORSE, a couple of athletic young folks, a guy and his girlfriend, invited us to play a quick game to eleven, two on two. Make-it-take-it. The Kid made most of our points, but I hit the winning shot from out near top of the key. Swish. Nothing but net: 11-8.

Of course, the guy on the other team wanted his girlfriend to take most of their shots. He probably could have beaten us one-on-two. He was that good. But still, it felt satisfying. I think the last time I played an Actual Game was in the Ford Administration. Made me want to do more. Which is ludicrous, since I’m overweight, pushing 61, and gifted with the leaping ability of a culvert. Still, I played, made rebounds and put up shots that went in; and that alone felt good.


  1. Kathy Sierra’s avatar

    A 67-year old man from Japan is on the Olympic equestrian team for 2008.


    He’s not fat, though. But neither are you. So yes, there’s hope. : )
    Mamet says that at 60, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been in (thanks to his whole martial arts thing).

    21 and Around the World are my hoop-shooting games of choice. I can’t leap and I’m too short to be useful in a game, but nothing stops you from practicing shots. Think about it… if you practiced for 15 minutes a day for one month, you’d be amazing.

    Except for the tendons. The muscles come back fast, but the tendons take their sweet damn time…

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Kathy.

    There’s also Fred Newman, who at 60 hit 209 3-pointers in a row:


    Actually I used to shoot for 15 minutes or more per day. That was my entire exercise regimen for many years. But I’ve been out of it for way too long.

    Between bicycling and my return to basketball, however, I may get into better shape.

    Meanwhile, I still pack close to 190 pounds on a frame built for about 145. I have to suck in my gut to fit into 40″ pants. To me that’s fat.

  3. sean coon’s avatar

    that’s awesome, doc. i need to hit the courts, it’s been a while. just joined a Y, so soon…

  4. christopher carfi’s avatar

    >gifted with the leaping ability of a culvert

    that’s a .sig line waiting to happen.

  5. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Chris, it’s hard to beat Dave Barry’s “leaping ability of a convenice store”, but I tried. 🙂

  6. munica’s avatar

    Old fat guy?oh,no!you played and felt good that it is ok,happy is very important.others are never mind.try and better!

  7. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, munica. I appreciate it.

    I’m fat and happy, but I’d rather just be happy.

    The croissant I just ate tasted damn good, though.

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