From Brighton to Beachy Head

There wasn’t much to see during the redeye from Boston to Zürich and on to Amsterdam yesterday. Too bad, because the Swissair window was one of the cleanest and clearest I’ve seen yet. But I did get a nice quick series of the East Sussex coast, with its white cliffs, from Brighton to Beachy Head, along the English Channel.



  1. Zo’s avatar

    Yes you did. Very beautiful, as are so many of your sets.

  2. Jack Hughes’s avatar

    Why does the beach look red on the top image? Have the mods & rockers been at it again?

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I don’t have an answer for the red beach, Jack. Could be it’s that color, or close enough. Or it could be that the work I did to pull the photo out of the haze exaggerated whatever the natural colors there were.

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