Not bad for a tube-powered guy

According to this my geek cred is 27 out of 50. Like Alec (who scored 41), I come up short on the gaming and entertainment hacking front. I woulda done better if there were items like, “Have changed bulbs on a broadcast tower,” “Rembember Ohm’s Law,” “Built a Heathkit” or “Know what ‘millimhos’ are”. (Clue.) Except for Ohmian matters, most of the rest is obsolete knowledge or headed that way.


  1. Bob Jakuc’s avatar

    Hmmm… interesting. I scored 25, went back, looked over my no answers, picked one item and researched it and realized that I could THEORETICALLY do it so changed my score to 26. Of course, some of the things on the list I wouldn’t do on principle; crack the encryption steal a neighbor’s bandwidth for s an example.

    Bob Jakuc

  2. RBM’s avatar

    Ahh, that millimhos link sucked me right in. LOL !

    My Air Force training to work on the AN/FPS-85
    included some of that knowledge.

    Since the center transmit bandwidth was 442 MHz ( with IIRC, capability of 100 additional transmit frequencies ) which was in the FM radio band, a lot of RF training was requisite.

    Your radio background is actually the hook that got me to start reading you 😉

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