This girl needs a kidney

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  1. Michael Fraase’s avatar

    Assuming that only the normal co-morbidities (high blood pressure, severe anemia, problems with potassium and phosphorous, hyperparathyroidism, etc.) are present in her kidney failure, Marielle is decidedly *not* dying.

    End-stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure) is not a terminal disease. Nor is it curable. But it is treatable, most commonly with dialysis or transplant.

    I wouldn’t wish the condition on anyone — I’ve been an end-stage renal disease patient on dialysis for almost nine years — but it’s not ordinarily a terminal condition.

    All that said, I hope she finds a match.

  2. Michael Fraase’s avatar

    Whoops — I meant to add this to the previous comment.

    If Marielle can’t find a match there’s a relatively new option she can try:

    Consider Marielle recipient A
    Consider Marielle’s potential donor (who can’t donate to Marielle because s/he isn’t a match) donor A
    Consider recipient B the person for whom donor A is a match
    Consider donor B to be a match for Marielle

    Donor B donates to recipient A
    Donor A donates to recipient B

    This is called paired donation and there’s no reason why it can’t get mathematically quite complex.

  3. Jason’s avatar

    Hi my name is jason, Im 20 years old and very athletic I dont do drugs or drink and I am considering donating a kidney but Im nervous and wondering what kind of compensations would be involved with a transplant?

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    Jason, the only compensation I know of that matters is the satisfaction of knowing you have made a sacrifice to help a fellow human being.

    But if it’s money you want, you can look it up.

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    I’m type B POS. If I’m a match, I’ll donate. My grandfather needed a kidney for years. He recently passed away, and I am a complete organ donor if anything ever happens to me. However, I am in good health and military. I am more than willing to give up a kidney. I certainly only need one.

  6. Jenn’s avatar

    Also, I don’t expect any compensation. By mentioning the military I meant that I have health insurance. I would need to double check coverage, but I’m sure that donating an organ can’t be exactly frowned upon.

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    A kidney donor was found. An interesting take on the Twitter aspect can be found here:

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