A black & white flag in the evening sky

My son found the perfect way to interrupt my absolute concentration on work this evening: by pointing out that the Moon, Venus and Jupiter were forming a jewel-box of an arrangement in the evening sky. And sure enough, they were. So I took a bunch of shots, of which I kept the two that comprise this set here.

If you’re in the West, somewhere amidst the Pacific or the Far East this evening, you’ll see it too.

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  1. Kathy Sierra’s avatar

    Great pictures, but you missed last night, when the moon was down and to the right of the planets, and made a perfect emoticon smiley : )

  2. Pam’s avatar

    I saw last night’s beautiful sky well since I was in Solvang, but back here in Santa Maria tonight I saw fog 😉

  3. Billy Beck’s avatar

    I saw it here in the Finger Lakes of New York, about 5:30pm, local. I was driving home from town and saw it hanging over a hillside with a great view. I’m not an ardent celestial observer, but it occurred to me: “That’s odd. I don’t recall ever seeing that before.” Go home and heard it on the news, and ran right back out to look at it again.

    I thought that was a treat.

  4. Warren’s avatar

    Here are some more shots I got by the SB mission and Riviera.


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