Renaissance Twitter Reading

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  1. Mike Warot’s avatar

    I watched it in the bathroom… how appropriate. ;0

    :: Sent from my Acer Aspire One ::

  2. Andrew Leyden’s avatar

    There is an embed tag available on that link. If you click that and copy and paste the code, will it not work? Since you are using wordpress there might be an option in the Post screen (visual/html) and if you paste it in the HTML screen it should work (unless your blog overlords disabled some things).

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Andrew, that’s what I did. WordPress then gave me exactly the code you see above: text with links.

    The visual/html appears to be disabled. I mean, I can post either way, but including the embedded code results in just text.

    I know there’s a way. I need to visit the geek cave at Berkman and see what it is.

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