On the sky again

Flying from Boston to Minneapolis by way of Chicago today. The second leg is through the middle of this:

Shouldn’t be much to see out the window.

But I’m looking forward to talking tomorrow morning at MinneWebCon. The title is The Intention Economy: What Happens When Customers Get Real Power. I gave a shorter talk by the same title to a small group at the Berkman Center a couple weeks back. The video and audio are here. This one will be for Web development folks rather than the somewhat academic folks that come to Berkman lunches. Should be fun.

I also expect to be hanging Monday night with other folks interested in seeing Carolina beat Michigan State in the NCAA championship game. 🙂

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  1. PXLated’s avatar

    Looking outside here in Mpls, light snow (ground covered), 32 degrees. Should be light rain as soon as temp changes. We’re right on the northern edge, all the heavy stuff south so we have been hit with a big dump. Shouldn’t be too bad by the time you get here other than rain today/tomorrow.

  2. Pauly’s avatar

    Hoping ORD isn’t too crummy for you (probably should say isn’t too much crummier than the norm), the wind-blown sleet is intermittent at the moment.

    I’m not a Michigan State fan or even an NCAA b-ball fan (baseball’s almost back thank goodness), but as a native-born midwesterner I always cheer on the Big Ten against any other region no matter who the representative is, and no matter the sport. So Go Spartans!

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Turns out the weather was nice in Chicago and Minneapolis, and just cloudy between. Got a scary warning from the cockpit about heavy turbulence coming into Chicago, but nothing happened. So, all is cool.

  4. Chip’s avatar

    For once we’ll be on opposite sides
    Growing up in East Lansing puts me squarely on MSU’s side


    Then we have this


    I will agree that the odds are long

    Off to Nippon Tues AM


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