Pano Rama Mania

Pano of Harvard Yard

We are severely into Pano. It’s an amazing free (woops, $2.99) app for the iPhone that lets you take panoramic shots — first by helping you line up one shot after another, and second by stitching them together remarkably well. The above is the first of two shot at Harvard’s Old Yard. I made small mistakes on both, but so what. They’re a load of fun, and not bad, considering.

Check these out.


  1. AKMA’s avatar

    Is it free? It shows up as $2.99 (very reasonable) in my App Store.

  2. Owen’s avatar

    My point and shoot had a feature like that too, except it came free with the camera. Cool idea, but I won’t be buying it.

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    My little Canon has that too. The problem: stitching is up to you. Go into Photoshop or the Gimp or whatever. Labor-intensive.

  4. Sean N’s avatar

    My Canons have it as well. They also have an app that does all the stitching for you, perfectly, pretty much every time. Select the photos and click a couple of buttons, that’s it.

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