Slo-Mo Winter Hurricanes

spinning_stormI’ve done much of my weather-watching this Winter using MyWeather, an iPhone app that not only combines satellite and radar views, but shows the motions of both, together.

What has amazed me, through much of the heavy weather that the Middle Atlantic states have had in recent weeks, is how smoothly cyclonic the precipitating weather has been.

For most of February’s last week, a huge  weather system revolved, around one stationary point: New York City. Like a big Lazy Susan it carried snow down from Canada , across the Great Lakes and through Upstate New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Virginias, Maryland and New Jersey — and rain from the Atlantic across New England, where some of it fell as snow, some of the time, inland.

So, while record snows fell from DC to NY, here in Boston we mostly got wet, with one day of high winds.

It was also interesting to watch the storm as it went out to sea and organized itself even more convincingly in the shape of a hurricane, complete with something of an eye. I could see it still rotating around, far out to sea, late last night, spinning rain across the Maritimes and down into coastal New England.

Now we have another weather system coming through. It looks like the tail end of the last one, and is forming its own little cyclone right now, off the coast of Virginia.

I just wish Spring would hurry up.

It will, of course. Just not here.


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    “my weather” sounds like a cool application

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    I wish I could interpret the Weather as you do !

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