Dissing Vulcan

Phoebe Kilgour, a Dickinson College junior, said the trip taught her about how a country prepares for a natural phenomenon. “I learned that something that seemed insignificant at the time, like a volcano erupting, can have a huge impact on local travel,” she said, “especially when you’re stuck on an island.”

That’s the last paragraph of a PennLive.com article titled Dickinson College students leave Iceland after being delayed by volcanic eruption.

Hat tip to @dankennedy_nu.


  1. Mr. Spock’s avatar

    For a while I thought you had an issue with our civilization!

  2. Melanie’s avatar

    I can understand. I’m stucking in Barcelona, Spain, and somehow try to get back home to Frankfurt, Germany. Stranded on an island is of course much worse.

  3. Peter Steele’s avatar

    Is it now ended?
    I hope so, cause i want to fly to Ireland at Monday!

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