The train goes the other way

Marketing Needs To Stop Its BS and Wake Up, the headline says.


The bottom line: “At the end of the day, audiences have moved on and their expectations have changed. The next five years will see drastic changes in the way organizations engage with their audiences. It’s not a choice anymore. These are the ‘cluetrain’ years.”

Yes, but what will change most is how ‘audiences’ engage with companies.

r-buttonFor r-buttonone thing, we’re not ‘audiences’ any more. And we’re not here for the show. We’ll have our own ways of engaging, and they won’t just be through “social media” that are privately owned and we don’t control. In fact, those ways might include the symbols you see here. You’re on the left, and the company you’re engaging with is on the right. If that company believes a free customer is more valuable than a captive one, the symbol appears, or turns from gray to red.

For more on all that, go to Cooperation vs. Coercion, which I posted on the ProjectVRM blog this morning. Also see three other posts on this blog from a couple days ago. Pointers to those are here.

If you’re a marketer, and you want some fresh clues about how the tide is turning, take the time to read through those. They’re not gospel, just some blog posts. But they point in a direction, and it’s not toward marketing as usual, even if that marketing is called “social”.

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  1. BlueprintstoProfits’s avatar

    Not sure I follow where you’re going with the symbols but I agree with what you’re saying about “social marketing”

  2. Buzzirk Bryan’s avatar

    “If you’re a marketer, and you want some fresh clues about how the tide is turning, take the time to read through those.” I think social marketing is the tide. Thanks and i will read the ponters.

  3. Jim Glinn’s avatar


    As always, thank you for sharing these concepts. From my perspective one of the most useful applications of this is to human health (probably pets health as well). For a person suffering with disease X, the ability to show up in the right marketplace means the difference between life and death or at least enhanced quality of life and a really tough life. It would help to even out the health care “battleground” where contracts and utilization review help to clog up what every healthy society needs: effective health care.

    Maybe as healthcare is so far behind in the digital world this has a better chance of early success??

    When you are back in SB, if your schedule permits, I would relish the opportunity to drive down and dialog on this further…..

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