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The Kid has been scanning archival family photos and I’ve been uploading them to Flickr (where I have now passed 39,000 shots in that one site alone). Many of these photos are well over a hundred years old. Most are about eighty years old, give or take a decade or two. They’re from the collection of Grace Apgar, my father’s sister, who is now 98 and doing fine. She’s been putting corrections and contexts into the comments. (There is a lot of longevity here. Grace’s mom, my grandmother, lived almost to 108.)

The shot above has me intrigued, because I’m curious to know what kind of car that is. Here’s another shot, of my father and a buddy, with a different car. That shot has a date, but the car’s identity isn’t clear to me yet. There are more car shots here and here.

So, just some fun stuff on a weekend, identifying old things.


  1. alan herrell’s avatar

    1928 Ford Model A Tudor
    the quail radiator cap was the giveaway

  2. Jan Searls’s avatar

    Is that Vic, the wonder dog? The dog we grew up on tales – and tails – of from Pop? The companion of his childhood? I’ve never seen a picture of him, but this is what I know – correct me please, Grace:

    Airedale mix and HUGE with some close blood connection to the dog Woodrow Wilson’s had before he was president. So if this is Vic, you’re approaching the century mark on the photo.

    Vic was a gracious man-about-town in Fort Lee. Rode the fire engines, escorted kids home and sired most of the canine population in the area.

    Appeared – by chance or staging? – in some of the Fort Lee silent movies.

    Grandma raised canaries in the kitchen and they would ride around on Vic, plucking his second coat for their nest.

    Is this Vic, Grace?

    He lived a long, good and beloved life and I think Pop measured all dogs against him.

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Jan, that’s not Vic. We have him in one other shot that I’ve seen go through the mill here. It’s back in the queue somewhere. When I get time I’ll try to find it. Vic does look like an airedale. This dog looks more like a German shepherd.

    This picture is of somebody I didn’t see in any of the other shots — at least not that I know of.

    I believe many of these shots, or most of them, were taken with Pop’s Kodak bellows camera. Probably this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pop wasn’t also the darkroom master on many of them, because the prints are often full of dust marks and many are faded from having spent too little time in the fixer. I do know that many of these are also of negatives that I believe are in storage. Or I’ve seen them around, anyway. At some point.

    The oldest shots are of Christian Englert and Jacobina Rung. Next oldest are the Englert girls when young. The big and pleasant surprise, when enlarging the photos, is how handsome all three Searls sibs are. Ethel was quite beautiful as a young woman. Pop was quite the stud, except for the missing tooth. That tooth also helps date many of the shots as pre- or post-war.

    As we go through more and more of these, some of which are dated, it gets easier to re-date the early ones posted. Help is welcome on that, though.

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    The Head Lemur comes through! This post was meant for you, Allan. 🙂 You might have guessed. I’ll look for others with old cars and see what I come up with.

  5. Brian Phipps’s avatar

    To my X-ray eyes the radiator cap sure looks like that of a Flying Ford Goose, spiffy close-up here:

  6. save’s avatar

    …Oil that is black gold Texas Tea….so where’s Jed Clampett?

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