The Internet doesn’t do this

The above, in order (1,2,3) is what I went through this morning when I searched for “emancipay” on Twitter.

Not knocking Twitter here. I am knocking the fact that we haven’t come up with the open Internet-based (rather than silo-based) way of microblogging.


But that’s what I’m hanging out in New York talking to folks about today. That’s a tease. Stay tuned.

[Later…] Okay, tease over. I was on Rebooting the News. I’d say and link more, but the connectivity situation here at the hotel is sub-minimal. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Craig Maloney’s avatar

    We have. It’s called And only those who care about freedom vs. Silos are using it.

  2. Dave LaFontaine’s avatar

    Hm. Non-silo’d microblogging sounds a lot like, well, regular blogging. Only shorter. The function of Twitter/FriendFeed/Tumblr is that it takes our messages & memes and aggregates them into a single place where we can all stop by the giant well o’ content and take the sip, slurp or gulp that suits our needs at the time & then move on.

    We can, of course, accomplish the same thing by setting up big ol’ RSS feeds, and then collectively agreeing to 140-char message headers, and then going through the process of seeking out and finding all the peeps that we’re following on the established platforms. The tug of war between convenience & customizability (h/t to Palin for the ability to make up words when I need them) has been adjudicated by the users in favor of convenience. It will remain this way until we get too many FailWhales & some other “forehead install” type solution pokes its head above the clutter.

  3. francine hardaway’s avatar

    ere you by any chance talking to……Dave Winer?????

  4. Ashish’s avatar

    Do you mean Federated Microblogging like based on FOSS platforms like

  5. ace’s avatar has the same platforms like

  6. Joseph Rooks’s avatar

    Hey, I was talking to one of my friends about exactly the same thing this morning when Twitter was BSODing itself. I’m looking forward to the day someone puts together a functional and user-friendly network that can communicate with other networks, as if “profiles” were just individually owned nodes that can talk to any others.

  7. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I like and And I think it would be fine to have more platforms doing the same thing as Twitter. But what we need more is adoption of open protocols for blogging on all scales — protocols that are independent of any platform or network. Some exist. What else do we need and how do we drive adoption? Those are the questions.

  8. Luis Rivera’s avatar

    Thats true has the same platforms like

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