Stuck without Gerry Rafferty

Just learned that Gerry Rafferty has died. Chronic alcoholism, apparently. I liked his music. Good lyrics, catchy tunes.. He was big in progressive/album radio when I worked and hung out there. I suppose he’s best known for the Raphael Ravenscroft solo saxaphone choruses in the song “Baker Street” (for which Ravenscroft was paid £27 with a check that bounced*); but what always stood out for me, at least with Rafferty’s hits, was his use of the second person voice. “Stuck in the middle with you“, “Star” and “Baker Street” were all complaints addressed to somebody with whom Rafferty had a problem. I suppose those people have outlived him. He was only 63: same age as me.

*Bonus link.


  1. Brenda Helverson’s avatar

    Even after several days I am still bummed out about losing Gerry Rafferty. I don’t expect to feel this bad again until Brian Wilson leaves us. I spent the afternoon listening to Rafferty songs. Get It Right next Time remains my all-time favorite. Goodbye, Gerry.

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