Overlooking Chicago

I know Chicago well — from the air. I’ve flown in and out of O’Hare countless times, always enjoying the view from my window seat. I’ve also flown over Chicago a lot, en routes from cities east and west. And I’ve shot a lot of pictures, which I usually used to put up on Flickr; but I’ve slacked off since concentrating on a book and getting the willies about Flickr’s own survival.

I’ve also studied its roads, its infrastructure, usually by looking at the pictures I’ve taken and studying their subjects. Examples here, here and here.

Yet I’ve spent very little time in the town itself. Back in the early ’90s, when I consulted the late Zenith Data Systems, Bruce Fryer once took me downtown to show me around. Linda Hayes (also with ZDS at the time) once took me on a tour of the Lake View area. And I think I went to exactly one trade show at McCormick Place (the white thing near the bottom of the shot above). That’s about it.

So I’d like to fix that, one of these years. Meanwhile, I thought it worth sharing the latest fly-by, en route from Salt Lake City to Boston by way of Phoenix. Click on the shot above for the whole series.


  1. John A Arkansawyer’s avatar

    Whoops! Can’t embed, and it might be just as well: http://www.youtube.com/embed/qSP-zBYon4E

  2. Pauly B’s avatar

    While in this Lakeview resident’s humble opinion ORD’s not the best face of Chicago, your aerials are a pretty decent one, albeit detached. So when you do “fix that” I would love to show you some of the non-touristic nooks an crannies as well as the best Italian Beef sandwich in town. Who knows, maybe stimulate a consulting gig…

  3. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Last week, Aaron Renn gave a talk at the Chicago Cultural Center about infrastructure. I attended because I find the topic interesting. What I didn’t expect, and was delighted to learn about, was his focus on the streets and pedestrian forms of traffic.

    He’s very sharp, and runs a blog at http://www.urbanophile.com/

    We’re a world class city, that is walkable with friendly people. If you manage to get out this way, I’ll buy you lunch (or dinner).


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