Prego re Vodafone land Net in Italy

Friday, 24 June… Heard from @VodafoneIT that there had been a “ticket” in Rome yesterday, and that the problem is fixed now. Usage (considered below) was not the issue. Hat tip to @VodafoneIT for getting back to me with the answer on that. Grazie.

Not being a reader of Italian, it’s hard to tell* why the Net got cut off here at our rented apartment; but I think the reason is that there is a usage limit. Does anybody know? If so, please give us a page explaining Vodafone landline plans, so our non-technical landlord can review it when he gets here tomorrow and tries to solve our problem. Not having the Net isn’t the worst thing while we’re here; but we do have business to conduct, so having it is helpful when we’re not enjoying the city. Grazie.

*The error message only appears when we are offline, so getting an online tranlation (in, say, Chrome) isn’t possible then, and we neglected to copy it off, to try translating it when we’re back on. Next time we’ll do that.


  1. Francesco’s avatar

    As far as I know there are no limits on the most common internet plans sold by Vodafone in Italy. You can ask your landlord to call 190 (vodafone customer care) or visit the page

    Please be aware that I have no relationship with Vodafone.

    Best, f.

  2. Chip’s avatar

    Hey Doc, sounds like you are in Roma.
    Not my favorite place in Italy, a bit “busy”
    Hope you get out and explore

    Firenze was our favorite, couple stays there, heart of the renaissance, Milano, Verona, etc.

    Italy is still not a country, but a collection of states.

    Enjoy the food (the Italians taught the French how to cook)

    Ciao Ciao

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Chip. It’s Roma, Venizia, Firenze, and a few other places. We’re in Roma until middle of next week. Venizia next.

  4. Chip’s avatar

    Missed Veniza – had to fly back to states for meeting (Venizia-Franfort-Detroit-Fort Myers), and leave my bride (Shirley)
    She was not at all happy about being left with friends in such a romantic city – but then the gondalers went on strike … and it was better.

    Firenze – daughter was doing her “Study Abroad” there (2001) and got us rooms in a local (local owned/run) hotel on the Arno, couple hundred meters from the Ponte Veccia

    Daughter was art major, called me up wanting to add a course
    Early Renaissance Art
    My reply … well duh … the heart of it
    Take your camera !!!

    Shopped jewelry for both on the Ponte’
    Got girls distracted, circled back and got pieces for both (big winner – Christmas)
    Gold sold by weight, workmanship comes with it

    Whenever possible – eat local

    Ciao Ciao

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