When in Rome…


So we’re in Rome and I’m thinking about Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and cable cars…

When I lived in the Bay Area and hung out in San Francisco, I did like all the other locals, and stayed away from the tourist stuff. Sure, right after we arrived from North Carolina in 1985, when the kids were twelve and fifteen, we hit all required tourist to-dos, in one day, and that was about it. After that we were locals, which meant we did other things.

But this is Rome, and we can’t resist doing The Usual, and also a bit more.

“More” for me began on the way in, when I got this series of aerial photos. The Coliseum, above, is a close-up from this shot here.

More soon, I hope.




  1. Richard Carter’s avatar

    (It’s spelt Colosseum.)

    Check out the Pantheon while you’re in Rome. I revisited Rome in March for 10 days, and popped into the Pantheon at least once per day. It really is rather special.

  2. Peter Vander Auwera’s avatar

    Welcome to Europe, Doc !

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