The kontroversial kittehs of Rome

Strays Amid Rome Set Off a Culture Clash says The New York Times. On one side, archaeologists who wish to save ruins from occupation by cats. On the other side, the cats’ lovers, including tourists who marvel more at the abundance of serene kittehs, lounging atop walls and columns than at the historic site itself:  a place called Largo di Torre Argentina, or just “Argentina” to the locals.

It looks like Rome’s exposed basement, excavated down to one floor below street level. The broken-down walls and columns of Argentina contain no less than four Republican Roman temples and a corner of Pompey’s Theatre, beside which Julius Caesar was assassinated — perhaps within this very space. The whole thing lies within the Campus Martius, of which the main surviving structure is the nearby Pantheon.

I was there with the family two summers ago, and shot some kitteh pictures. To help anybody who wants pix for their own kitteh-vs-whomever stories, I’ve put those shots in a photo set here. All are Creative Commons licensed for attribution only (the least restrictive license available on Flickr).

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  1. Scarpe’s avatar

    To be true Italy has more important problems to solve right away. I remember that almost the same or even bigger problem are the pigeons in Venice. The square San Marco was literally filled with tourists that fed the pigeons. And their number increased exponentially. The biggest problem was the poop of the pigeons, that corrodes the square tiles and the historical monuments.
    So, in the end the poor cats are not a big deal for Italy. They should focus only on most important problems first. As example the economic crisis.

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