2013_06_26 Link Pile

3 lessons for newsrooms from UsVsTh3m and The Guardian’s Firestorm project. By Craig Silverman in Poynter.

FCC Announces Application Window for New Low PowerFM Stations. By Cody Duncan in Future of Music Coalition. Fact sheet.

What’s the ‘Internet of Everything’ worth? $613 billion, Cisco reckons: In 2013, Cisco calculates that companies could produce $613 billion of mostly incremental profit by harnessing the growing networked world of people and things. By Dan Farber in CNet

Tech companies fret over loss of consumers’ trust after NSA revelations, byJennifer Martinez in The Hill‘s Hillicon Valley blog.

Data models for the Internet of Things. By Michael Koster.

Why Pandora bought an FM radio station. By Deborah Newman in The Hill.

On the surveillance thing

On advertising and marketing

Watch air traffic vs. weather via FlightAware at:


  1. Neal Mayhem’s avatar

    Thank you for bringing the article on Pandora to my attention. I’ve never read an article that has angered me so much before. The arrogance of the guy when he talks about ‘levelling the playing field’, when it’s the fault of people like him that has led to the decline in music choice, and with terrestrial radio being forced to compete with internet radio by dumbing down in the first place. Outrageous.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Neal, terrestrial radio was getting mighty dumb long before Pandora showed up. And, while Tim Westergren may be giving only his side of an argument, the facts of the case are very complicated and go back a very long way. Every faction has a legitimate gripe, and there is no one clear answer that works for everybody.

    IMHO, and I speak as a former terrestrial broadcasting guy.

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