Talking customer power and VRM

I’ll be on a webinar this morning talking with folks about The Intention Economy and the Rise in Customer Power. That link goes to my recent post about it on the blog of Modria, the VRM company hosting the event.

It’s at 9:30am Pacific time. Read more about it and register to attend here. There it also says “As a bonus, all registered attendees will receive a free copy of Doc’s latest book, The Intention Economy: How Customers Are Taking Charge in either printed or Kindle format.”

See/hear you there/then.



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  1. Sean’s avatar

    I’m sorry I missed your webinar this am, is there a video available?

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Yep.Look for the video in a few days.

  3. Sean’s avatar

    Excellent, The Intention Economy is great, looking fwd to the video, tkx!

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