Can somebody fix this subwoofer?

onix subwooferSo I’ve got this Onix x-sub subwoofer that doesn’t work. It’s the bass side of a Sonos ZP-100 system driving a pair of Cambridge Soundworks Newton MC300 speakers in our living room. Together the system sounds great. (Consistent with Tom Andry‘s review, which influenced my purchase back in ’06.)

The little green light in the back went out, and the fuse is fine. So it’s… what? Bad switch? Whole power supply? Whatever it is, I’d rather get it fixed than replace it, because we (meaning my wife) like the way it looks.

Onix and the company I bought the speaker from, AV123, are out of business. I’ve made a bunch of calls to possible repair sources here in Santa Barbara. No help so far.

So consider this an intentcast for help. Any takers? Or advice?

[Two days later…] Nope. Guess I’ll just get a new one. Oh well.


  1. Rod K’s avatar

    I’ve used these folks several times and was pleased with their work. Mostly having surrounds replaced on some old AR speakers which had cabinets I wanted to keep. The do have instructions on shipping to their shop.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Rod.

    The thing weighs 40 pounds, which isn’t cheap shipping in either direction. (They’re in Florida, I’m in California.) But that’s just an assumption. I’ll look into them.

  3. Dave’s avatar

    This is the kind of project that i love. Too bad I am not anywhere near SB CA. I recently resurrected a 14 year-old plasma TV, much to my wife’s chagrin (she wanted a new one). My condolences.

  4. Mike Warot’s avatar

    I find it weird that stuff gets shipped to us for a fraction of what it costs to ship from person to person. I’d bet that without shipping costs to skew things, you could get at least 10 people who would gladly fix it to keep it out of the landfill.

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