One of the challenges in building an academic building is that you need to solicit student opinion on a variety of decisions several years in advance of a building’s opening. One such decision involves student mailboxes. (To be clear, this decision involves open mail slots used for stuffing announcements, not US mailboxes for dorm residents).

The architects made it clear that these mailboxes have become less and less common in new construction so we asked students to give us their views. The vast majority saw no need for mailboxes anymore so we have not built them into the new space. In our spot checks of the Pound mailboxes in the past few years, most are stacked high with leaflets from outside vendors. It does not appear that they are checked very often, if at all.

We planned to have one final year of mailboxes in the Pound basement but now that Pound will be going offline in the spring (in preparation for the demolition of the east side of the building), it seems to make less sense. So our plan is to discontinue mailboxes beginning with this academic year. Student organization mail will continue to come to our office, BSA, journal, and SPO mail will continue to go directly to those student offices.

If there is some reason that having a mailbox for this semester would be useful for to you, please email dos@law and we will provide mailboxes on request. Thanks.