Character and Fitness for Bar Application

In order to become a member of a Bar, each applicant is required to produce evidence that s/he is a person of honest demeanor and good moral character and possesses the requisite fitness to perform the obligations and responsibilities of a practicing attorney at law. All applicants go through a Character & Fitness process during their 3L year where they disclose a good deal of information about their past.

TODAY at noon, the President of the Massachusetts Board of Law Examiners (Geoffrey Bok ’87) and the Executive Director, Marilyn Wellington, will provide insight into the Character & Fitness process from the Board’s perspective. The session will take place in Austin West at noon and lunch will be served. Since many states ask similar questions, you will find this session to be useful regardless of the state.

While your application process is still a year or two away, you may find this session useful in preparing your application.

For more information about the character and fitness process, please go to:

If you are concerned about having to disclose something from your past, you can email/see me.

If you are concerned about keeping something confidential from the law school, you can contact Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers LCL is a lawyers assistance program funded by bar dues.

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