2011 Harvard Leadership Conference: Collaborating for Change

In celebration of the 375th Anniversary of Harvard, the Office of the Provost, and the Harvard Graduate Council, along with over 10 Centers/Institutes of the University are proud to present the 2011 Harvard Leadership Conference: Collaborating for Change on November 5th from 10:00AM-6:00PM.   This  jammed packed conference is participatory, interactive and engaging, specifically designed with activities to ensure that you meet and engage with graduate students from other schools!  It will focus on Three Key Areas: SKILLS, STUDIOS & SPEAKERS.

SKILLS: Participants rotate through a series of workshops that focus on teaching and sharing key leadership skills such as communication strategies, how to delegate tasks, forming effective teams, motivational speaking, among many others.

STUDIOS: Rather than using traditional panels, we have curated topical studio spaces that are active and dynamic! In these studio spaces, participants will engage in case studies, video documentaries, forum theater, musical performances, mock debates and active discussions with other students and current leadership from academia, industry, government and the social sectors.

SPEAKERS: Think TEDtalks! Active, engaging, stimulating and relevant! We promise our speakers will motivate and inspire you!

Lunch catered by Clover Food Labs, and great free flowing coffee to keep you energized through the day!

Details and Registration @ harvardleadershipconference.com


Note: Due to limited capacity and a desire to get equitable representation from each graduate school, participation from each school is being capped based on the number of students each school has in proportion to the entire graduate student body. Please register NOW to reserve your spot!

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