Coffee, Water and Beer

Few things make me happier than turning the calendar past January.fifty days to spring.

Here are a few updates


We have received some questions about coffee availability after the opening of the new building so here is the update:

1.       Free morning coffee is available from 8am to 10am in the WCC (across from the Pub Servery on the ground floor) and Austin (across from Austin West).  Coffee is no longer being served in Pound.  No classes will be held in Pound until Spring 2013 because of construction (an email is coming your way with more details on that).

2.       Free evening coffee has been expanded and is available in Langdell from 7pm to closing each night.

3.       A wide range of coffee is available for purchase in the Hark servery (upstairs) from 7:30-3:00

4.       Coffee is available for purchase downstairs in the Pub Servery from 2:30pm to close (Monday to Friday) and during brunch hours Saturday and Sunday (9:30-3:00).

5.       The Hark Box is permanently closed and the coffee machine will transition to the Pub Servery so the range of available coffee available in the Pub Servery will be expanded in the near future.


We hope you have noticed the many filtered water stations throughout the new building.  Student Government lobbied for this as the building was designed a few years ago as a health initiative and a green initiative.


We have received suggestions for everything from small breweries in Minnesota to Bud.  We are sharing all of your suggestions with Kim Smith our new Pub Manager.  Kim also runs Queen’s Head and is setting up a special email account so you can contact her directly with suggestions and questions about the Pub.

Tonight’s Pub Opening will take place inside the Pub and in the Lounge outside the Pub (we’re anticipating a crowd larger than the Pub’s capacity of 137 so this will allow more people to participate).  Under the terms of our alcohol license, we can’t have students go into the Pub with a drink they received in the lounge and vice versa.  You can travel back and forth between the venues without drinks in hand and you can get your drinks in either venue.  The Pub will also sell drinks tonight.

Drink Tickets will be distributed between the base of the main stairs and the entrance to the lounge in the WCC beginning at 4:30pm.  Bring your HUID (to get your drink tickets).  We’ll have a list of students so it may take some time to check people in.  Bring a government issued photo ID (in order to get a wrist band and be served in the Pub).  Snacks and drinks will be served beginning at 5pm.

I made a mistake in my last email.  The pub will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (5pm-10pm) and can be reserved for private parties at other times.

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