NYC Streets Bazaar as Always

Migrants from Asia, Latin America and the
Caribbean, accustomed to such street workshops at home, have
set them up on New York’s sidewalks as well, whatever the legalities.
And since this has always been a city with a soft spot for an ingenious
or enterprising way of scratching out a living, these entrepreneurs more
than survive.

The continuing spiral in the numbers and variety of immigrants
(the United States Census Bureau reported last week that 36 percent
of New York City residents and 46.6 percent of those living in Queens
were born abroad) has helped nourish this permutation of peddlers who
fix or make things rather than just sell them.

"As rents increased, it became more prohibitive to
open up a store, so if you can have a store without paying the rent you
do it."

the New York Times

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