Simply Live Anywhere

The Dowbrigade is all aglow in the reflected glory
of another great new blog spawned by an attendee at the BloggerCon
Blogging 101 sessions. This particular entry is the brainchild of the
intriguingly named Al Wayztravelin.

Called Simply Live Anywhere, it seems founded on the simple principle
that borders are becoming superfluous.  Full of insight and info
for and about ex-pats and the itinerant lifestyle, it is definitely
worth a read. Go, Al. As an ex-expat just about ready to go back on
the road, it is an invigorating blog.

The aim of the site is to educate and inform individuals regarding their
personal freedom to enable them to live and work anywhere. The contributors
are travelers who believe that people should be granted the personal
freedom to travel anywhere.

Simply Live Anywhere

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    So tell me, is Al = Dr. Otto and is he really stress free, slim, tanned and happy.

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