This Year’s “Gotta Have It” Toy Winner

customs officials have seized 400 Osama bin Laden dolls and 50 Saddam
Hussein dolls saying they constitute incitement. The singing and dancing
dolls, which carry toy guns, were discovered during a routine check of
cargo at he port of Haifa, in northern Israel.

They were bought by an Arab Israeli as a “gimmick” to go on sale in Israel.
The ship that carried the toys from China also contained 450 Teletubby
dolls, which agents are examining to see if they are counterfeit. There
has been some support for Osama bin Laden among Palestinians but no mass
displays of affection for the accused terror mastermind. Meanwhile, most
Israelis despise Saddam Hussein as an enemy who fired missiles at the
Jewish state during the 1991 Gulf War.

from ITV

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  1. Ruudolf says:

    I love Dolls! Johanna and Julia are great and very popular in Israel. Do you know these Dolls?

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