Massachusetts Institute of Turkeys

Mass. — Cambridge residents had an early Thanksgiving surprise Wednesday
when a wild turkey took to the city’s streets during the morning commute.
Kelley Tuthill reported that area residents believe the brave turkey lives
in a wooded area near Kendall Square in Cambridge.

People were stunned to see a turkey brazen enough to take a stroll on
Thanksgiving eve. “He should have stayed hidden for another day or two,”
said a passer-by. The turkey seemed a little vain as he looked at himself
in a mirror and not too bright as he wandered in and out of traffic on
Broadway Street during the morning commute. “It just made my day — that
turkey crossing the street,” said another passer-by.

The Dowbrigade wonders of this is in fact "Mr. Gobbles",
reported here back in June
. If it is, Mr. Gobbles has his
own Blog.


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