Petite Champ Outeats Fatties

(Reuters) – Petite former Burger King manager Sonya Thomas wolfed down
7-3/4 pounds of holiday food in 12 minutes on Wednesday to defeat a pair
of 400-pound rivals and win the Thanksgiving Invitational eating contest.

The 106-pound Thomas of Alexandria, Virginia, devoured massive helpings
of yams, green beans, cranberry sauce and turducken, a turkey stuffed
with duck, chicken and sausage, to win the International Federation of
Competitive Eating (IFOCE) event.

The IFOCE hosts official eating contests and tracks the world’s top
eaters, like record-holder Oleg Zhornitskiy, who downed four 32-ounce
bowls of mayonnaise in 8 minutes.

Asked her plans for Thanksgiving, Thomas replied, “I’m going to eat more


for Turducken
(“This is a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with
a chicken stuffed with dressing. You will need toothpicks and kitchen
string for this recipe.” )

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