Remember Afganistan? Hillary Does

In what
WOULD have been the top international story of the day, Democratic non-candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Aghanistan for Thanksgiving, giving thanks no doubt for the opportunity to visit an ally on the verge of falling victem AGAIN to American short-sightedness and the present administration’s
fixation on the Bad Boys in Iraq.

Clinton said in the AP interview that more troops are needed to defeat
insurgents and to provide the security needed for Afghans to rebuild.
Taliban and al-Qaida forces are trying “to wear down our staying power,”
she said. “I believe we need more troops to be able to provide that

the AP

The President, not about to let the easily distracted national attention
wander from his pet war front, responded with a secret lightning strike into the
heart of Iraq, at least if you consider the George Bush Bagdad International airport the heart of
Iraq. (see following story) So which story is the Major Media paying attention
to? How about you?

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