Chilly Chile Protest Violence Against Women

have paraded through Santiago wearing only body paint in a protest against
domestic violence.

About 20 women began the demonstration at Plaza de Armas square in the
Chilean capital to commemorate No Violence Against Women Day.

Passer-by Alex Bustamante told Las Ultimas Noticias online: “It is a good
way to attract attention. It starts off with nudity but then you become
aware of the reality of abused women.” Protester Amanda Valdes said: “We
were afraid of people’s reactions, but they were all very respectful.
They heard our message and we are happy.”

from Ananova

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15 Responses to Chilly Chile Protest Violence Against Women

  1. sandi says:

    Big Signs get attraction too! I think nudity is going way too far giving the glory to the artist rather than the issue. It allows exhibitionists to parade while giving the perverted some eye candy and something to think about next time they are alone. It also exposes the fact that something is lacking in society. Entertainment certainly isn’t one of those things. haha.

  2. Jessica Aviles says:

    This is something all women should gather to do one day all at once so that more people realize that this is a serious problem.

  3. Masumkhan says:

    Good Initiative to empowerment of deprived and distress women, I wish to success movement.would like participate in next event.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Zarkosy says:

    I agree with Sandi. The nudity is a distraction from the issue.

  6. Ziggenrat says:

    As a guy the nudity and body paint are kind of a distraction. It doesn’t really bring any extra attention to the problem, only gets me to think “kewl, T&A!”
    There must be a better way to bring attention to violence against women, and this just isn’t it.

  7. Chwayita-South Africa says:

    I think its a beautiful idea!When women are violated, bits of themselves are torn apart and it feels as though they have been stripped of their pride. That is why the body paint is effective, men don’t respect our bodies when they start abusing them!
    You can look, but you are offending me (as a woman) if you touch me without consent.

  8. tre says:

    The only women I’ve known who have done this sort of “protesting” are exhibitionists, you most often see attractive, well-formed women volunteering for this, they desire attention for themselves and appreciation for what free-thinkers they are, not their cause. And looking at the depicted painted woman, is it possible to tell what she is fighting for by stripping? Sure she’s hot, but would I think immediately that she wants men to stop beating other women? Youthful self-absorption and narcissism.

  9. Ed Henkle says:

    Idiots. Typical left-wing narcissism.

  10. kapil jangir says:

    just paint?
    i don’t think that any man can look her with hot eyes ,
    this artistic style is equal to a mother who feeding his baby.

  11. Basics says:

    Nudity causes attraction…
    it may not transcend the spirit behind..

  12. Whoever says:

    really misses the point.

  13. Anonymous says:

    wish i was there

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