Eat Your Vegetables, and Be Thankful

Thanksgiving with Mom is a great way to feel young again – like 12, and constantly castigated for NOT EATING YOUR VEGETABLES. One of the very rare downsides to having a master-chef for a mother is that she insists on coming up with arty alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving spread.

For example, this year, as usual, the Dowbrigade was looking forward to an all-American feed heavy on the stale-bread stuffing, mashed potatos and a big garden salad. What Mom perversely prepared was a medly of elgant side dishes including “Holiday Sweet Potatos” (potatos aren’t SUPPOSED to be sweet, in our book), creamed onions (Yucky), a strange stuffing featuring chestnuts, sausage and kumquat, huge Brussel sprouts the size of golf balls, and peas. To drink – grapefruit juice cocktail and Cranberry juice champaign.

We subsisted on a big slab of bird (excellent) and a smattering of crudit

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2 Responses to Eat Your Vegetables, and Be Thankful

  1. Michael Feldman says:

    Michael, this is your Mother. Please call ypur father for a home style Thanksgiving next year.

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