Tantric Religion Not Just About Sex

you hear the term "Tantric," what do you think of? C’mon guys,
fess up, it’s SEX, isn’t it? Well, in the interest of religious education
the Dowbrigade (an inveterate educator, after all) is pleased to inform
you that the modern Tantric religion isn’t all about Sex – it also has
a leg up in the growing field of – Human Sacrifice! And Cannibalism! Who
says religion’s no fun anymore?

After a rash of similar killings in the area — according to an unofficial
tally in the English-language Hindustan Times, there have been 25 human
sacrifices in western Uttar Pradesh in the last six months alone — police
have cracked down against tantriks, jailing four and forcing scores of
others to close their businesses and pull their ads from newspapers and
television stations.

Perhaps the biggest danger posed by tantrism stems from the difficulty
of defining it. “No one really knows what it is,” said Sudhir Kakkar,
a psychoanalyst who has written widely on Indian mysticism. Some tantriks,
for example, believe the path to salvation lies in shattering taboos —
involving sex, diet, and other forms of behavior — to “uncondition yourself
from all the conditioning you have had,” Kakkar said. Followers of one
tantrik cult near the Hindu holy city of Varanasi are said to eat charred
human flesh pilfered from cremation grounds.

Leftovers, anyone?

from the Boston Globe

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7 Responses to Tantric Religion Not Just About Sex

  1. Ion says:

    Hola vecino,
    I’ve got a technical question. I am working on a harvard.edu blog for a professor of mine, and I’m trying to make text wrap around an image, as you do most of the time here, but it never works. Could you please tell me what the trick? Thanks a lot.

  2. Phil says:


    And I thought tantra was about spiritual growth and sex 🙂

    On our website, http://www.tantra.com we have hundreds of articles about tantra and tantric practices but I don’t ever recall reading one about cannabilism.


  3. Sylv says:


    That’s scary. All i know about tantra is sex as what Phil said

  4. Sylv says:

    Also i read about this tantra at http://www.askaboutloveandsex.com/34-tantra-sacred-spiritual-sex/. I found out that it is also about spiritually. By the way, I’m just confused
    what’s brings a person that practice tantra leads him to cannibalism? T

  5. thirdeye says:

    Close minded western civilization has adopted the word “Tantra” to fit into the american consumer lifestyle. Tantra was never about sex. Its about reaching a higher state of consciousness through tecniques and meditation. It turned into a sex thing because the western religious culture doesnt believe in the hindu religion or practice. Organized religion is a joke! Btw if there was a jesus which there wasnt, he wouldnt have been a Caucasian and you are an idiot to believe he was or that “tantra” is about sex…

  6. tannage says:

    Western society has a habit of filtering out what it doesn’t understand. Tantra is a study in which the sexual element is only one component. We just tend to focus on that because we have this habit of filtering out everything else.

  7. Turkce Sikis says:

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