But Will They Blog?

A remote tribe in the
Brazilian jungle are now online after a charity gave them five battery-powered
computers. The Guarani tribe who live deep in the Atlantic jungle, near Angra dos
Reis, have even come up with their own word for the internet.

The word they created, in their Tupi language, translates as "where
you can put words, documents and knowledge".

The natives learnt how to use the computers in a week long course run by
the charity which gave them the computers.Volunteer Lucas Benite told Jornal
Hoje: "Through the internet they
can connect with other tribes and learn about the world. That is very important
to them."

Tribe chief Veramirim, 92, commented: "I have always told my people
to learn how to write but I also want to see them value our culture."

The Dowbrigade, based on his extensive knowledge of the Guarani, hopes
these computers come equiped with DVD players and an extensive library
of Arnold Schwartznegger movies, if they want to hold the attention of
these jungle madmen. Have they planned what to do when the batteries
wear down?

from Ananova

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  1. Rainer Brockerhoff says:

    Oh boy, how romantic. This was taken from a site in Portugal (http://www.diariodigital.pt/news.asp?id_news=72369), but they don’t really say “deep in the Atlantic jungle” – some overzealous editor probably threw that in. The 1% which remain of the Atlantic Forest are now a small, mostly sparsely wooded area. This is less than 100Km from Rio de Janeiro, where 7 million people live, and at least 3000Km away from anything that an still be called a “jungle”…

  2. Al Wayztravelin says:
  3. Damianos says:


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  5. Portugal Web says:

    I am not sure what to say. On one side it seems fair to provide technology to all cultures. On the other hand is the threat that such technology may provide to such culture. There is no easy answer.

  6. Brazil says:

    Nice, but how will they recharge their laptops?

  7. Ronald says:

    Hey, that is a excellent post. Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks

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