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SEATTLE (Reuters) – For Californians who can’t get enough of bodybuilder turned film star turned governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a brewery in the neighboring state of Oregon is offering a new full-bodied beer labeled "The Governator." Portland-based MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co., which … Continue reading

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Looks Like Our Vegetable Garden

This is an image mosaic taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit’s panoramic camera made available by NASA on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2004, showing a view of Mars southwest of the rover’s landing site in the Gusev Crater. The landscape … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Watch – Sumo Style

A group of professional Sumo wrestlers has started a neighbourhood watch scheme in a crime-stricken district in Tokyo. The 15 wrestlers from the Isenoumi stable pound the streets of Edogawa Ward, eastern Tokyo, in pairs or groups of three from … Continue reading

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Man Eating Jellyfish

Tomorrow 11 AM Chou Chow City Dim Sum. For a graphic example of the incomplete education of your correspondent – we don’t know how to pronounce “gelatinous” in English, let alone Chinese – click on the photo. Picture and movie … Continue reading

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To Self-Censor or Not To Self-Censor

The Dowbrigade admits to being slightly jealous of bloggers so polemic or captivating that their every post spurs waves of comments, controversy and debate. Most of the comments we do get come either from our mother (Hi, Ma) or offended … Continue reading

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