Style over Substance

are forced to admit that President Bush’s address to the nation on
his Iraq disengagement was pretty damn good, at least by his standards.
Never a Praetorian orator, he has learned a trick or two over the years,
and now manages to keep that annoying smirk off his face at least 90%
of the time.

The elucidation of a 5-step plan to turn the country over to the Iraqis
is the kind of simple plot line the public can grasp and hang on to without
straining their mental muscles, even if is a fairy tale to rival the
Brothers Grimm at their best. And his brave proclamation of his intent
to raze the house of horrors torture prison was a stroke of public relations
genius, just the kind of symbolic gesture that could get Americans to
feel good about shitting on the rest of the world again.

Style over substance has always been the winning formula in American
politics. John Kerry had better upgrade his speech-writing team if the
Prez can pull these gems out on a regular basis. Note to John: the Dowbrigade
writes a mean speech, and is available…..

speech coverage from the
Boston Globe

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