Fujimori Flees Following Advice From Fortuneteller

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) – A fortuneteller told Peru’s disgraced ex-President Alberto Fujimori (newsweb sites) to flee in 2000 and warned him of the huge corruption scandal that caused his government to collapse, a videotape showed on Wednesday.


The video was given anonymously to lawmaker Anel Townsend and partly shown on Peruvian television.

It showed Fujimori, now in self-imposed exile in Tokyo, knew his control was slipping after ruling for 10 years and consulted a clairvoyant.

Fujimori asked if it was viable to flee to Japan or the United States, the female fortuneteller said: “It would be good.”

Additional juicy details from the Ecuadorian press claim that 1) the fortuneteller in question was an Israeli woman named “Jennifer”, and 2) that she was recommended to the ex-President of Peru by the ex-President of Ecuador, Jamil Mahuat, who was also kicked out of office

The Dowbrigade will try to dig up more details on this one as well

story from Reuters

story from El Commerico (in Spanish)

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  1. Well, fortune tellers have been right before, and some people live their lives by their predictions!

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