Stupidity and Fate Combine to Capture Criminal

The following story, out of Tokio, which appeared yesterday in El Commercio of Lima, Peru (purchased on a birthday buying expedition to the highland city of Huaraz) piqued our curisiosity as it combines cleverness and stupidity, international crime, a clash of cultures and a simple twist of fate.

Peruvian Robber had an Enormous Stash in the Bank

by Mario Castro, corespondent

TOKIO – Having an oversized bank account is what gave away Peruvian Akio Masao Kanashiro Higa, 32, who was arrested by the Japanese police for allegedly paricipating in six assaults on armored cars, supermarkets and Pachinko parlors over the past year and a half, during which he and his accomplices stole more than a million dollars in cash.

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