All Good Things….

Despite the eye-opening reboot that leaving the belly of the beast for a while inevitably provides, the sweet assurance that some places will never change their essence, at least during our short lifetimes, and will always offer a haven from the madness of expansion capitalism, and inspite of the ingrained allure of life on the road, the staggering beauty of untamed nature and the viscerial variety of a vibrant third-world culture, there comes a time in every trip when one is ready to come home.

That time has come for the Dowbrigade, and none too soon. we are worn down and worked up.  We have done things and seen things never before experienced, and revisited many warm memories, people and places. We have made new friends and reencountered old ones. We are ready. On Sunday we start on our way back, on Thursday we will be in Boston, and Friday, a week from today we will meet the group of foreign lawyers who we will guide through an intricate introduction to the American legal system over the next six weeks.

This will inevitably involve a change in the nature of the Dowbrigade News during the coming weeks.  These rambling personal screeds will disappear, although we have enough random writings and digital photos on our iBook to spice up the old blog for months to come. Pithy comments, strange photos and scandalous exposes will reappear, and as we reestablish contact with our network of highly placed informants, some blockbuster stories are sure to surface. In addition, every summer the Dowbrigade News becomes something of a law blog when the foreign lawyers arrive. It should be fun. Stay tuned.

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