Math Skills in Decline

and yacht clubs across Greater Boston have been occupying prime, state-owned
waterfront properties at rock-bottom rates for decades. Take, for example,
Harvard University’s Sailing Pavilion, which pays $1 a year for its Charles
River digs.

Well, no more. The Romney administration is jacking up rates by as much
as 10 times for the two dozen boathouses and yacht clubs whose leases expire
at the end of this year.

So let us get this straight.  Harvard is now
going to have to pay UP TO $10 for their huge, prime location boat
house? Boy,
are we glad we remembered to send in our annual $20 contribution
to the Harvard alumni fund. They’re really going to need it this year!

took a year of site visits, comparison studies, and meetings to determine
the rates, which will jump from between $1 and $1,980 a year to between
$5,000 and $15,000.

Uhhh, we were never a Math Major, but if the lowest
fees rose from $1 to $5,000, isn’t that a little more than "up to 10
times"? Like, 500 times more? Like, a 500,000% increase. And they accuse
blogs of faulty fact checking and nonexistent editing….

from the Boston Globe

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  1. Rafael Cerveza says:

    probably a tactic to get things going. The real rate increases come later!

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