Al Queda’s WMDs Responsible for Tsunamis

within the CIA have revealed that the agency has unearthed evidence directly
linking Al Queda with
the recent catastrophic Indonesian earthquake and subsequent tidal waves.

Information extracted from the hard
drive of a partially destroyed laptop recovered in the Northern Iraqi city
of Mosul led investigators to believe that a secret cache of Saddam’s most
powerful weapons was smuggled out of the country by a crack team of Al Queda
operatives in the weeks before the anticipated invasion of the country
by the US-led alliance.

Reportedly the laptop was first discarded as worthless
junk, and it was only after a Special Forces reconnaissance team member sent
it home as a souvenir of war to his 14-year-old nephew that the partially
erased information was discovered and turned in to military experts in data

Incredibly, data recovered from the drive led investigators
to an abandoned oil derrick off the coast of Nicobar Island in the Bay of
Bengal. Satellite-based sonar detected a large unidentified dome-like object
on the ocean floor near the base of the derrick. According to unconfirmed
reports team of Navy Seals was dispatched to investigate, but before they
could penetrate the dome a massive explosion ripped through area.

"It looks like we finally discovered Saddam’s weapons
of mass destruction," said a high US intelligence official who spoke with
us only on the condition of absolute anonymity, "and they were booby-trapped
to explode if anyone breeched the area without the proper security codes."

Military geologists speculated that this massive explosion,
located directly above tectonic fault lines along the Indian Ocean plate
boundary, may have triggered the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tidal waves
which have killed over 150,000 at last count.

"Al Queda has been promising "something big" for months
now.  We believe this scheme has been in place since before the war,
and that this proves that Saddam Hussein and Al Queda were working together,
hand in glove, for several years before his downfall," confirmed our source.

The recovered data from the hard drive referenced a research
paper titled "Potential for actuation of intercontinental plate
shifts via stress point displacement" written by Saudi Arabian graduate student
Iman Faruk Yousihk as his doctoral thesis for the Geology Department at Texas
A&M University.

"It was a diabolical move, carefully planned, probably
by Usama Bin Laden himself. He knew that the destruction caused would be
largely limited to the coastline and thus would kill thousands of innocent
tourists in a single blow." US military and intelligence officials are reportedly
meeting in urgent sessions to draft an appropriate response.

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