Spinners and Bloggers

are sitting in Building 3, room 270, at that temple of logic, MIT, listening
to a MIT Forum called "Spinners
and Bloggers
", featuring
Deborah Hayes, the director of public affairs for the Pew Charitable
Trusts, after serving as press secretary for Congressman Richard A. Gephardt
for seven years, PR director for MTV and chief image guardian for Oprah
– a big league spinner; Rebecca MacKinnon, a fellow at the Berkman Center
for Internet & Society
at Harvard Law School and a refugee from mainstream media (CNN), and
Brian Reich, once Al Gore’s breifing director and now the editor of Campaign
Web Review, a blog examining the use of the Internet by candidates, activists
and the
during 2004,

So far no earth-shattering revelations, but some good web sites to check
out later. Perhaps the most refreshing difference from the Berkman Thursday
Night Meetings is the ease with which we were able to get on-line. Trust
those techies to understand the logic of allowing bloggers attending a
blogging forum to, well, blog….

Spinners and Bloggers Forum


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