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Welcome to the Mile High Club


An Israeli pilot is offering to take couples on flights around Tel
Aviv so that they can join the mile high club.

For less than $250, pilot Tamir Harpas will take adventurous lovers on
a 45 minute flight complete with wine, chocolates and condoms.

He will take just one couple at a time and the pair can get as amorous
as they like without fear of getting caught by air stewards.

However, there is one disadvantage – they are only separated from the pilot’s
cockpit by a curtain, reports newspaper Jediot Aharonot.

from Ananova

The Dowbrigade joined the Mile High Club at age 18 when we flew Icelandic
Air from New York to London for summer vacation between high school and
college with our first true lover, as well as
a couple of buddies, Joey Weiss and Scott Small. It was 1971, Jim Morrison
was getting ready to die in Paris, and we had great plans for spreading
American-style anarchy across a blank old world canvas.

Actually, on the flight over, we just managed to eke out our membership
from under one of those flimsy airline blankets, while on the flight
back we managed a much more robust application in the lavatory during
a late-night lull.

Meanwhile, we only lasted 3 days in London before getting kicked out
of the country for trying to smoke Turkish hashish from a Moroccan chillum
while huddled behind a wrought-iron bench in the Queen’s Garden across
from Buckingham Palace. Turns out we had arrived about an hour early
for the
of the guard, so like typical American air-head hippies on a road trip,
we looked around for somewhere to get stoned before the big show.

It was windy, so we found a small copse of lilac bushes behind a bench
in this lovely and mostly empty garden across from the Palace. We were
so intent on getting those pesky pebbles of resinous richness lit that
we didn’t notice the Bobbies until they politely interrupted us to inquire
what exactly we were up to.

They were equally polite as they searched us, (to no avail. as the ever-omnivorous
Dowbrigade had instantly ingested the evidence), and took down our names
and passport numbers. We were politely informed that if we were found
anywhere within Great Britain after 24 hours had elapsed we would be
arrested and immediately detained.

Only 18 and already running out of countries. It wasn’t the first nation
to declare the Dowbrigade persona non grata, nor would it be the last.
Later that night we left for Amsterdam…