Port Deal Raised No Red Flags


The officials tried to assure the panel that the deal has been subject
to a careful, three-month review and that all security questions were
satisfied. They said no one raised an issue that would have prompted
the need for a further, 45-day investigation.

"We’re not aware of a single national security concern raised recently
that was not part of" the three-month review, Deputy Treasury Secretary
Robert Kimmitt told the lawmakers.

"They have been critical allies in Afghanistan," she told reporters
at a news conference on a separate matter. "They have been critical
allies in fighting the financial war against terror. They’ve been critical
allies in terms of our military-to-military relationship."

from AP News

Wow, we had no idea that the UAE has been such a key ally to the United
States lately, veritable soul mates in the fight for freedom, justice
the American Way. According to Wikipedia,
they have been staunch friends of the United States during the entirety
of their long history as a nation,
which stretches back all of 35 years.

Before that, the seven Sheikdom
of the Persian Gulf
coast granted the United Kingdom control of their defense and foreign
affairs in nineteenth-century treaties, so they have a long-standing historical
precedent of trading privileges for their hereditary elite for protection
from a world

We feel that they make marvelous partners in the war against terrorism,
despite their complete lack of democratic institutions, religious freedom
and individual rights. As the current US administration can testify,
these things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

We do wonder, however, how the Dubai Ports World administration will
handle it when they have to  process quantities of containers coming
in from Israel, a country whose existence they refuse to acknowledge.

suppose, just for the sake of argument, that those Emirs actually
took us seriously and organized real elections. Is there any reason to
believe that the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood would NOT win?
Would they not then own Dubai Ports World and inherit this valid contract
to run our biggest ports? Luckily, real elections in the UAE is a problem we probably won’t have to face for many, many years.

These giant container ports have long been recognized as the weak link
in our efforts to keep Weapons of Mass Destruction OUT of the United
States. What a great, globalized way to deal with that problem – by turning
them over to a stable, long-time ally who shares all of the values and
traditions that make this the greatest country in the world.

The takeaway line from this and the previous story is that there is
something devastatingly transparent in Islamic culture, and we had better
these guys at
their word.
We believe them when they say they are our allies in the war on terror,
and that they hate Al Queda, because of course Al Queda hates them, considering
them spineless lackeys of the Oil Lords and Imperialists, and has officially
declared that their first order of business, after the Islamic Revolution,
is going to be to march all those Emirs and Sheiks out behind the Casbah
and introduce them to the business end of an AK-47.

Unfortunately, we also believe them when they say the State of Israel
has no right to exist and should be driven into the sea, and that the foreign
workers should give up their passports when they enter the country,
and that women have no place in public or political life. But heck, any
friend of Dubya’s is a friend of us all.

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  1. red alert 3

    December 25, 2008 @ 11:46 am


    Deals are often something that can help nations move together. This deal is rather interesting and thank you for this interesting bit of news.