Subdermal Implants – More Than Skin Deep

implants have become popular in the community of extreme body modification.
The process creates a raised area on the skin in a shape
of the artist’s
choosing. The effect is dramatic: Implants can be most any form you can
think of, from Star Trek ridges and small horns, to little stars and hearts
sprayed across the chest. Many people with body modifications have combined
their implants with tattoos to create often beautiful or terrible effects.

article and slideshow from Wired

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9 Responses to Subdermal Implants – More Than Skin Deep

  1. ed says:

    yes and people do this cause they never want to get a job ever? this is a bit frighting.


  2. ed says:

    yes and people do this cause they never want to get a job ever? this is a bit frighting.


  3. keith kennedy says:

    RFID implants / placements

    Our subdermal RFID placements and systems are the start of new cutting edge technology, we have designed a system that utilizes a small implant grade glass ampoule that is inserted under the skin. This ampoule houses a radio frequency identification chip, the chip is 64 bit coding. This means the security is one in a hundred billion opposed to the average lock set is 1 in 300, mathematically in a city of one million 3,333.33 people would have a key to your front door. With our system if every person in the world had a subdermal RFID placement no one would have the same code twice.

    Our systems range in price depending on the options and the number of readers.

    The subdermal placement is $275.00 Cnd.

    The net workable readers cost approximately $400.00 Cnd each.

    The operating system and software can cost between $1000.00 to 3000.00 depending on options (eg) LCD screen flush mounted in the wall, ect.

    Out system can be designed to operate all most any home automation system as well as standalone door and lighting control, the doors are controlled by electric door strikes and or electromagnet door locks.

    We can are currently working on car security and computer security.

    We have currently done 3 RFID placements.

    If you have any other questions let me know.

  4. Lisa says:

    Makes all the trekkie movies seem closer to reality !!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Makes all the trekkie movies seem closer to reality !!!

  6. Nikki says:

    I really do not understand what the big deal with this is. I think that it is an amazing and beautiful art that some people choose to express themselves with. I dont find it frightening at all and there is absolutely no reason why these people could not find jobs…..DECENT jobs with the modifications that they have had done. I have a lot more things that I plan on having done before I graduate law school and none of them will prevent me some becoming a great attorney. Please stop and think and learn to be a little more open minded. Judgement by others is what happens when people dont appreciate the art

  7. eri says:

    Nikki, you can be as open minded as YOU like, but guess what: people are judgmental. Don’t be so naieve.

    Frankly, I don’t have a problem with the modifications. I’ve got several piercings…and since I find facial piercings tacky you know where I don’t have them. But your clients, and the jury, and the judge, may not be of the same mentality. And you can’t whine about “they just are being CLOSE-MINDED,” that’s just a poor, passive argument that won’t convince anyone else; you need to be better than that. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Have the modifications. But don’t be so flippant, and use more than just a phrase that has almost lost its meaning with overuse.

  8. fred says:

    sorry, but seriously, someone PLEASE explain to me, why one cannot have one’s cake AND eat it. what is the fucking point of cake if you’re not going to eat it?!?! and even if u give it away to someone or something they’re still going to eat it! eri, don’t use an illogical argument to try and dissolve someone’s opinion.
    judge and juries should be intelligent and not senile enough to NOT judge books by their covers. thats why there are so many wars, people can’t appreciate someone else’s creativity.
    in my opinion, if everyone was a bit more relaxed about the whole thing, no one would mind and this stupid converstaion wouldn’t be happening.
    peace out.

  9. Freaky Chick says:

    Look, people. Some people like the modifications and some people don’t right? If you are against it, then don’t get the fuckin modifications done to your body. And don’t attack people with them just because you don’t like what they have done to their body. It is their own fuckin body and you should just let them go ahead and do whatever the fuck they want to their body. And if you got the shit done to your body then be proud of what you have done. If you like the way it looks then that’s all that matters is what you think. don’t listen to people who tell you that you shouldn’t have done it.

    But if you are going to have it done, whatever kind of body modification it may be, just make sure that it is really something that you would want on your body for the remainder of your life and after that in most cases.

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