Springtime by the Charles

In New York City, where there has been no snow at all this season, the cherry trees are beginning to blossom in temperatures that have been inching up all week and could hit 70 degrees on Saturday.

from the New York Times

New York, hell. This year, there’re probably tulips up in Nome. We know for a fact that the cherry blossoms are out along the Charles River in scenic Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we took some pictures to prove it.

Note the White Whale in the foreground, parked in front of the home court of the Just Don’t Suck Tennis Club in Riverside Park. We have played outdoor on these courts every weekend for the past year, with no end in sight. Tomorrow we expect to be out there again, clouds and sun predicted, temps near 70. Another record for the date, ho hum.

Word is that Atlanta is the new Miami, which means New York is the new Atlanta, and Boston is, well, it gets pretty complicated at that point. One thing that is undeniable, they don’t make winters like they used to. A few years ago we were rushing towards retirement so we could move somewhere we could play tennis outdoors year round. Scratch that one off the to-do list…..

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