Bulking Up Bowser

This is Wendy the Whippet, the dog whose appearance is a long way from the usual long, lean and sleek look of her breed.

She was born with a genetic defect which has left her looking like the Incredible Hulk of Hounds.

While her head, heart, lungs and legs are the size of those of a normal whippet, her gene defect means she is “double muscled”.

She weighs 4st4lb – twice as much as she should – and has bulging neck muscles, burly shoulders and haunches like a baboon. And unlike ordinary whippets known for their lithe and narrow frame, this four-year-old pedigree doesn’t just have a sixpack stomach, she has a 24-pack.

But while she may look oddly menacing, her doting owner Ingrid Hansen claims the giant pooch likes nothing better than clambering up on to your lap to have her back scratched.

“People have referred to her as Arnold Schwarzenegger,” she said.

“She’s healthy and happy. That’s all that counts.

“She doesn’t know she’s got a genetic defect. She might give you a nasty lick, that’s all.”

from the Daily Mail (we are in London, after all)

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42 Responses to Bulking Up Bowser

  1. linkler says:

    Oh my god 🙁 What is this

  2. pegatinas says:

    Oh my gosh. Can you say, “steroids”? Nice doggy!
    Great picture!

  3. Kia says:

    I love it! I think she’s sweet. I love her name, “Wendy the Whippet”. I’m not sure of her weight though. Is that a typo or another measurement conversion?

  4. This pic looks like photo shop FUN… AND it looks pretty real. A photo doctor is a good alternative to steroids, for sure.

  5. boda says:

    SAHWEET!! I’d love to have a dog like that. Heck, I’d love to have muscles like that. 🙂

  6. TOM says:

    It is unbelievable.
    Management thesis

  7. isaac says:

    that whippet is o my gosh her veins are even popping out!! 🙂

  8. Ket. says:

    OMG! how does this work… is she strong or is that all just appearance? that’s crazy!

  9. Rolf says:

    Omg =) When this dog fart it will be airborn LOL. Look mom its a plain.. No my son, its Arnolds dog

  10. herbert says:

    rolf is a NERD

  11. Lil wayne says:

    well obviously. guess what i am lil wayne i bet al yo nerds dont know who that is

  12. Rolf says:

    yo i am pretendin’ im actually tpain. OH Yo!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mavado says:

    All yall dont no sh*t bloodclott if u a know whata mean

  14. omg! says:

    “steroids much”?

  15. T.I. says:

    “damn girl” want to be in one of mah music videos? u can be the hulks sexy lady.

  16. this a peace of crap now eat it! says:

    Bull Sh*t its pic animation

  17. lucy says:

    Oh my god! that is so sad! the poor thing!

  18. Thesweds says:

    OMG!! Lucy is right, poor thing!
    That is NOT healthy for a dog…….

  19. I says:

    I would have named her Yolanda…

  20. Tee says:

    relax, its a genetic defect

    it doesnt hurt her nor does it imply mistreatment of the dog (steroids)

    there are cows in france bred purposely to have this defect
    other than appearance theyre perfectly fine

  21. Bully Sticks says:

    Dang! I wouldn’t try to take away her bully stick.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. shawn says:

    this dog doesnt look like a dog mor like a bear on steroids

  24. phlop says:

    Photoshop, this an old spam email that if you walk your dog too much it will look like this, i think not!

  25. Sara says:

    Aw! I saw Wendy on tv just the other day!
    She looks so happy with her little poodle friend.

  26. AnnaInIsrael says:

    SHeesh!! I would LOVE to take that Dog For a walk! LOL Or to School! Bring your pet to School day!

  27. omg says:

    i bet the owners IQ is under 80

  28. animal-lover says:

    this is not funny, because, the dog has mayby pain( ore somethig, i’m dutch)
    this is youre dog?
    wel go to the veterinary surgeon and let him chek youre dog!!:(
    and if you dont, than i think its miserable!!:'(

  29. stunned says:

    holy crap!

    Herculean doggy! thank goodness its a gd natured one lol

  30. Lily says:

    Well, if the dog isnt suffering then who cares? Good grief! no
    need to get cheesed off by a flaming Hulk dog! As long as Wendy aint suffering, im not bothered.

  31. Stunna x says:

    Wowzers,, that dog is M A S S I V E man..
    i wouldn’t likee to bee liked by that Dog..
    mor over.. i hate dogs but i ♥ C A T S

    B Y l U C Y x

  32. Kirsty says:

    Arww that dog is soo cute, i wantt it x
    and all them people saying your fucking t-pain and t.i and lil wayne ur all fucking sad cuz like they wud spend there time on this sytt !

  33. toplu sms says:

    steroids much 😀 wats that :s

  34. wicked spaz says:

    do you breed her or wat?????

  35. joe says:

    wtf man i bet she cant catch a rabbit

  36. 2 pac says:

    weirdos im the king of rap lmao tha dog aint gunna catch a rabbit is it hes 2 big

  37. iyinet seo says:

    It is unbelievable :s

  38. Misafir says:

    yuh muh interestin 🙂

  39. Misafir says:

    eDİT MEDİT..

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